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I am Patrick Brady, God’s evangelist, gifted by His eternal Spirit through Christ to empower others to witness truth, grace and love. I was saved according to scripture (Romans 10:9,10) at age eleven. Despite this real, new-life experience, I strayed at age sixteen, and like the man described in James 1:6-8, I was a double minded man and unstable in all my ways. However at age 39, I surrendered all, the very thing that God had patiently waited for and encouraged in me. On Aug 15, 2009, just three months after my surrender, He filled me with His Holy Fire to overflow. Now more than six years later, I am not perfect, but without excuse, I am being perfected in Him who is! Ever since, I have been a man on fire, ever learning to walk more perfectly in Christ and for Christ that others might see and be set free through His love.

I seek to walk by faith and to walk by the light of God’s Word made alive in me through His Spirit. I am learning that despite my weakness, God’s message can perfectly pierce the hungry, waiting heart with a burning message of eternal hope and a living salvation meant to catch others aflame with God’s undying love. I encourage all who are “hungry for righteousness” to surrender to God and make Jesus Lord of your life. Welcome Him to fill you to overflow with His Holy Spirit and be baptized in the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in tongues. Being filled you will allow no place for the devil and will be bold to share the power of the gospel and see others filled, just as on the day of Pentecost. Don’t settle for any of man’s religion but go after a fiery relationship with God!

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