Gift of God Within


This poem was inspired by a sincere desire to love and see loved all others through deed and true sacrifice, despite every carnal challenge one faces. This kind of love is pure and tangible and can only be expressed through Christ and for Christ as we surrender all that others might see God in us. This love is rare and does not weigh what is impossible with man against what is possible with God but simply expresses an undying gratitude for a love received which is undeserved and can never be earned. God is love and love is a consuming fire of selfless expression freely given and not earned but by Him who died for all that we might truly live. Love freely and live!

Gift of God Within

Is it possible to love the sinner

Yet hate the sin

To cherish burdened hearts

Kiss tearstained cheeks

Yet hate the vilest of vile within

I see yes with a hearty amen

Christ is our witness

Image of love’s perfection, clear

God’s mirror of serene calm

Rarest beauty of transcendence, dear

Gilead’s great healing balm

Salvation’s fruit for all the year

How do we love the sinner

We know how to hate the sin

Its keeping the two separate

Which proves difficult time and again

Christ is our witness

God’s gift to humble hearts

Those seeing their own weakness

Not piercing others with darts

Christ Jesus, our forgiveness

God’s key to unlock all sin’s chains

In the face of ultimate repentance

Only love and forgiveness remains

And faith, not in humanity

But in Christ, the power of God

Love God and all His creation

Love the sinner; hate the sin

Freed to love, actively, all others

Empowered through Christ

The gift of God within

By: Patrick Brady

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