Our Knees Win the Victory

kneeling-in-prayer-nto-jesusThis poem was inspired in seeing all the warring that we do against one another for a “good cause”.  Prayer is the name God gave His House which was published by Jesus as He ran out the money changers who had made it a “den of thieves”. We must begin to realize the power of prayer. I have fallen and do at times still fall subject to behaving as if I could see my enemy with the naked eye. Our enemy is never flesh and blood! The world will never get this nor the worldly Christian. However God’s Word makes it plain that our enemy is demonic and a spiritual wickedness. When we really get this, the love of God will spread uncontained like a holy fire routing the enemy  and destroying every stronghold of hell. Prayer, (Communication and Communion with God) is the lawful weapon of a Christian. “The battle is not ours; the battle is the Lords.” Faith working by love which encourages prayer and is encouraged through prayer is the “hammer” that breaks the rock in our path. Let’s pray!

Our Knees Win the Victory

Our knees win the victory

Our knees help us win

Our knees help us see

When all about us seems dim

Jesus defeated Satan

On sweet Calvary

But in the throws of life’s battles

Our knees help us see

The battle is not ours

The battle is the Lord’s

When we surrender our strength

It’s Heaven’s bright Sword

Cuts to shreds our enemy

Makes him bow in defeat

The carnal forsaken

The prisoner set free

The victory is ours

The devil under our feet

A Holy Army wars

When we fall to our knees

The victory is certain

As the cross guarantees

Our warfare is not carnal

Nor enemy mortal man

It’s satan we serve

When we abandon God’s plan

So turn from carnal vengeance

Take authority in Jesus’ name

O’er every hellish devil

Our victory we’ll claim

Speaking faith in God’s power

Filled with the Spirit of God

We’ll wage war in this hour

And o’er our enemy trod

Every principality will fall in defeat

When all captives are set free

Our victory will be complete

In Love-powered faith

Clothed in Christ Our hope of glory

O’er all Heaven’s enemy

We’ll reign victorious

Earth’s fields then well plowed

Prepared for our Groom

His glorious Bride

Will be caught up in the clouds

By: Patrick Brady

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