With a Beauty All its Own


This poem was inspired as I thought on love. God is love. We become enamored by love. Love fills us with boldness to see our world in a beautiful light! Unfortunately love is often unappreciated, abused and perverted. Love truly is what we make of it. If we respect it as something to be treasured above all and worthy of sacrifice, it will grow in us and the heavenly ethereal glow will continue to paint our world in amazing color, despite setbacks, persecutions and pain experienced in its pursuit. “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love does not behave itself unseemly. Love is not boastful. Love suffers long. Love believes all things. Love hopes all things. Love never fails.” Treasure love!

With a Beauty All Its Own

Love is a splendorous thing

It blings and rings and sings

With a beauty all its own

Like the purest garment sewn

With charm elusive and bold

Most grand above the finest gold

Valued priceless by the receiver

A worthless fake by the deceiver

To see it is to believe it

To believe it is to receive it

Too glorious to define

Sweetest grape from the truest vine

Softest thunder clap ever found

The war and peace of it, renowned

Takes patience, long and hope, renewed

To stay neath this glorious rider, ensued

There’s euphoria, task, quiet dedication

Pride, achievement with doses of humiliation

Its a placid lake and roaring sea

In its firm embrace, you learn how to be

You get what you bring to love’s astounding door

Vanity and pride only leave you wanting more

So let truth with humility be the gifts you bring

Steadfast hope and appreciation to your queen or king

Love is a splendorous thing

It blings and rings and sings With a beauty all its own

By: Patrick Brady

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