Let Me Not


This poem was inspired as I thought on recent temptations that shamefully I found myself looking to. I know in my heart that these things hold absolutely nothing for me but sorrow and shame. There is a real hunger and thirst that we must endure for a season that our bellies might be filled with the very best God has in store for us. Please, face the shame and endure the gnawing but for a season. Our God is faithful who has promised! I, as many of you must battle loneliness. It is worth the wait and the pain of having no mate with which to share life.  God has promised to pair me with the best that He has for me. Also, the distractions of this world can rob us of a prayer life, pleasing to God and one which would help see our brothers and sisters set free. To repent is essential in living a victorious life over sin. Repentance is regurgitation of poisoned bread. It cleanses our bellies for the Bread of Life! A life of self-denial is less and less popular, but, as Jesus taught, is required if we are to live victoriously. Let only God lead the way and live victoriously!

Let Me Not

Let me not grow weary when the sun beats hot

Let me not fall short of what You’ve got

For me to do, for me to be

The task designed uniquely for me

Sometimes I wonder if my place is sure

I faint near to fall; can I endure

I’ve no place to go where I have been

So I’ll journey on in the Wilderness Sin

I must resist this torrent, this flood

Continue to wade the muck and the mud

To keep my eyes forward on the Cloud by day

My sweet Lord always guides my way

Let me not grow weary when darkness falls

Let me listen intently for my Saviour’s calls

To know His will and His way for me

Because, despite my eyes, I can not see

I must not drink from the pools all around

Only in my Saviour’s well can Living Water be found

My soul, don’t complain when your thirst is hot

Please wait; drink the water your Saviour’s got

Wander not for the whore’s bread, poisoned but sweet

Cry out to God; He is your meat

Resist to eat the bread that you knew

Belly, gnawing with hunger, eat what is True

Keep your eyes in the night on the Pillar of Fire

Love for you Lord, my burning desire

By: Patrick Brady

2 thoughts on “Let Me Not

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  2. This is the Author encouraging all visitors of the site to comment if you are moved by something in the poems or writings. I feel inspired to share these, truly to motivate people to love more freely for Christ’s sake and the good of the Body of Christ and the nations! Thanks. Your comments are greatly appreciated and encourage me further.


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