Tug of War


I was inspired by God to write this poem, “Tug of War” after kissing the dirt rather hard and sudden! I, looking back, did all the wrong things in trying to win the affection of a godly woman which I had the rare honor to know. I was a fool for her. I definitely did not play the game strategically at all! As it occurs so often in life, an important life lesson was learned through the reflection of utter failure. The relationship for me was almost instantly ethereal! Tears fill my eyes as I reflect to the joy I knew, yet all too sudden. This woman also reciprocated the attraction and the uncanny familiarity that we, almost instantly, mutually shared. Given my lack of experience in how to gender a healthy, strong relationship with a woman and her understandable fear of further hurt and a broken heart, it was a relationship that was doomed from the start.  My heart was, almost, instantly slipping away from my grasp into her own. I pulled too hard and she released the rope of mutual affection.  I don’t fault her but I do miss her. With some sadness, I do thank her for a lesson that I most assuredly needed which is meted out in this poem.

Tug of War

The game of when man meets woman

Much like tug of war with a rope

Each in turn shows interest… not too sudden

Slow to take up the slack of hope

As each in turn shows they care some

There’s a very real yet gentle pull

Keep your head; dont get lost in pleasures to come

Patience will keep you from playing the fool

Match the tug of your partner, building slightly

Not too strong but ever so real

Take care not to hold on too tightly

Though it seems a battle, up hill

Respect her time and heart that’s been hurt

Don’t pull with all of your might

If one suddenly releases, the other kisses the dirt

Keep your head, the strategy that’s right

To keep your head is to keep your feet planted

lose it and unbalanced you’ll fall

Take no word or act for granted

Or you’ll risk losing it all

To let your heart show a little is good

Eek it out, gradual, in time with her

Treat her well, attentive as you should

Holding back not wanting to smother

Take care to show regular growing interest

Keep the rope steady and taut

Each endearing act of caring will invest

In a strong, healthy relationship well sought

The ideal outcome in this tug of war

Would be a mutual surrender

A surrender of hearts worth waiting for

No more a borrower nor lender

The game no more but a love oh so real

Hand in hand they’ll walk together

With heaven’s bond and God’s seal

By: Patrick Brady

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