I was inspired by God to write this poem as my heart aches with the pain of love lost. I am in a pattern of learning wisdom concerning heart matters through Jesus Christ my Lord. Though I may seem to some an unstable mess, I am truly Rock stable through Christ my Redeemer. I have been said to be “too honest” by some closest to me and thought to be the same, though unsaid, by many others. It is true that I am learning to embrace who I am and was made to be but more wisely. I am not like so many other men. My force and strength and stability is not in some hard exterior but an unwavering interior. Though the sails be battered and the ship broken and tossed this life I live is never again lost! No one enjoys a mess. In fact, even God doesn’t like our mess, I am convinced, but, He stands in us and with us to see every mess made clean through our eternal hope found in Christ. Though I know it in theory, not being an expert in love, I am learning that you can only believe in others what they are willing to show and not what they say alone. This a painful, messy lesson that I must learn. I eat my fault and blame no other but the enemy who in Christ, already, I am victorious over. I learn and am made wise without the lasting weight of unforgiveness and regret to hold me down. Praise God! I pray that all will be made free and walk in this victory despite the present mess we may find ourselves. God bless!


Messy is the broken heart

That all too easily falls apart

Stained, messy shards that stick

eerie groans from the heart that’s sick

No rhyme nor reason from the heart that’s wronged

No respite found in another’s song

Hope’s life burns ever less

In the wake of an untimely mess

Fate that’s uncertain, love inundated with pain

Hopelessness falls like pouring rain

Christ, my reminder that rain always ends

And by His glory hearts will mend

By: Patrick Brady

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